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Q1478659AlbaPortuguese automobile
Q3607834AlbaAustrian automobile
Q4708940AlbaDanish medieval music ensemble
Q4708942Albashinty team
Q4724070AlgerianWikipedia disambiguation page
Q4879940Beerepisode of the BBC sitcom Blackadder II
Q12077520Albavillage in Botoșani County, Romania
Q13361651AlbaGaelic name for Scotland
Q19925816Beerpainting by Fons Haagmans
Q23676524Beerwatercourse in Cameroon
Q24662117BeerWikimedia duplicated page
Q28091426Algerianpainting by Johan Marinus de Vries
Q29716774beprotein-coding gene in the species Drosophila melanogaster
Q2086732Cosmosname of several fictional characters in the various Transformers universes
Q2131342DaneVillage in Dane County, Wisconsin
Q2585219Piancient Chinese state
Q3382323Tuesday2008 film by Sacha Bennett
Q3544977Infinityfictional cosmic entity
Q3614534Lovenovel by Toni Morrison
Q3648715GodEnglish word
Q3752413Fratelli d'Italia1989 film by Neri Parenti
Q877012Piart project
Q901766Love2012 film by Doze Niu
Q984293Caledoniacivil town in Columbia County, Wisconsin
Q1211111EstonianWikipedia disambiguation page
Q1234777DogsGerman lifestyle magazine
Q1344121Luxrabbit breed
Q1405962infinityinfinity as a philosophical concept
Q1531114Godplay by Woody Allen
Q294513ModenaWikimedia disambiguation page
Q252701FebruaryWikimedia disambiguation page
Q294011Great BritainWikipedia disambiguation page
Q5575809Godsculpture by Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven
Q5984977LuxSpanish photo magazine (1916–1922)
Q6669754London1926 silent film
Q6669759Londonneighborhood of Belgrade, Serbia
Q6669761London2005 action film
Q6669762LondonMortal Engines Quartet
Q6669767London2004 BBC history documentary series
Q6669771Londonpoem by William Blake
Q6690233Love2005 film by Vladan Nikolic
Q6690235Love2008 film from Bengal
Q6690240Love2008 film from Indonesia
Q6690242Lovefictional female bunny character and singer created by Japanese singer Ai Otsuka
Q6690244Lovenovel by Angela Carter
Q6898612Mondayplay by Gloria Idahota Williams
Q7076861OctoberEric Whitacre piece
Q7237036PoznańPolish parliamentary constituency
Q7265629Qsoccer mascot of San Jose Earthquakes
Q7265631Qsurreal television comedy sketch show from Spike Milligan which ran from 1969 to 1982
Q7265633Qblock cipher
Q7265637Qnumber format for specifying provision
Q7361465Roma2007 historical novel by American author Steven Saylor
Q7361466Roma2004 Argentine-Spanish drama film
Q7361474Romafictional character featured in numerous Marvel Comics titles
Q7362947Romecivil town in Adams County, Wisconsin
Q7435621Scotlandplace in Indiana, United States of America
Q7435627Scotlandepisode of The Goodies television program
Q7439839Seaarea of the sky in which many water-related constellations occur
Q7522855Singapore1960 Bollywood movie
Q7577842SpiritG.I. Joe character
Q7577843Spirit2012 film by Ranjith
Q7577849Spiritradio channel of Sirius Satellite Radio
Q7665652São Paulopainting by Nuno Gonçalves
Q7894196Universe1960 black-and-white short documentary
Q7894197Universe1976 short documentary film directed by Lester Novros
Q8925896Category:KazakhstanWikimedia category page
Q10360131LuxPortuguese magazine
Q10953985PrinterWikimedia disambiguation page
Q11229458Lovesingle from Siam Shade
Q11229460Lovesingle from T-Bolan
Q11244201SpiritPamelah song
Q11244203SpiritShikao Suga song
Q11332956Forth BridgeWikimedia disambiguation page
Q3880781October2010 film by Diego Vega Vidal, Daniel Vega Vidal
Q4156937DecemberRussian photography group
Q4233803kingpiece in standard shogi
Q4271757Love1991 film by Suresh Krissna
Q4363355PyroWikipedia disambiguation page
Q4783389Berlinsculpture on the Tauentzienstraße in western Berlin
Q4882420BelgianWikipedia disambiguation page
Q409498KazakhWikipedia disambiguation page
Q536502Caledoniacivil town in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin
Q586680George Washington1984 television miniseries
Q594529Caledoniahuman settlement
Q630190Lovelunar crater
Q657731December2008 drama film from Brazil
Q36865664Modenafamily name
Q36906466universeclass of which Our Universe is an instance, and parallel universes, if any, are also instances
Q37044634Denmarkfamily name
Q16867067Fratelli d'Italia1952 Italian biographical-war film
Q16934239MonarchModified Meyer 0-4-4-0T locomotive
Q16949265Love2004 Indian Kannada romantic film
Q17002916Decemberliterary magazine
Q17182872George Washingtonbronze statue by John Quincy Adams Ward
Q17300103Ludwig van Beethovena series of sculptures of Ludwig van Beethoven by German-American sculptor Henry Baerer
Q17332444Great Britainsatirical play written by Richard Bean

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