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Q403522BelarusianWikimedia disambiguation page
Q1519207appleheraldic figure
Q3920722BelarusBelarusian daily newspaper
Q4705174Alabamastate song of Alabama
Q4705175AlabamaGloucester fishing schooner built in 1926
Q4705176Alabamacomputer virus
Q4781117AppleAmerican automobile (1915-1917)
Q4881914Belarusmanufacturer of upright pianos
Q17324893Applespainting by Gustave Courbet
Q18159636Applesnovel by Richard Milward
Q19836013Applespainting by Vincent van Gogh, 1887
Q19913384Applespainting in the style of Gustave Courbet
Q20168332Applespainting by Paul Cézanne
Q20198175Applespainting by Chaim Soutine
Q20262847Applespainting by Henri Matisse
Q20475991Applespainting by Margaret Olley
Q20487088Applespainting by Constance Roth
Q20776291Applespainting by Thomas Worthington Whittredge
Q23947968Applespainting by Gustave Courbet (NMWA P.1959-0059)
Q27700927Applespainting by Juan de Espinosa
Q28532540Applespainting by Sir Matthew Smith
Q30302858Belarusiancitizen of Belarus
Q41498343ALSouth Korean girl group
Q2052807ChinaSuperleague Formula team
Q592915Chocolate2005 Bollywood crime thriller film
Q685885Iceland1942 film by H. Bruce Humberstone
Q764663Pidecentralized municipal entity
Q769466knightpiece in standard shogi
Q778708San FranciscoTypeface
Q294011Great BritainWikimedia disambiguation page
Q404304Island1973 film by Fyodor Khitruk
Q586680George Washington1984 television miniseries
Q877012Piart project
Q1025752CahabaWikipedia disambiguation page
Q1026788Californiatitular see of the Catholic Church
Q1030498President BushWikipedia disambiguation page
Q1213623Islandnovel by Richard Laymon
Q1374359EurekaFrench automobile manufactured from 1906 until 1909
Q1465047Friscoghost town
Q1710184LifeBBC TV series
Q5985649Icelandformer settlement in California, USA
Q6075995Chinafaction in Command & Conquer
Q6082951Island1989 Australian film
Q6082965Islandbook of short stories by Alistair MacLeod
Q6082968Islandnovel by Jane Rogers
Q6544651Life1928 British film
Q6544652Life1996 Australian film
Q6544682Lifebreakfast cereal
Q7137385Paris of the WestWikipedia disambiguation page
Q7208888PolandEuropean Parliament constituency
Q7208889Polandnovel by James A. Michener
Q7208890Polandart work
Q2278475Eurekaside-wheel paddle steamboat, built in 1890
Q2585219Piancient Chinese state
Q2635930GermanSouth Slavic mythological being
Q2990861Germanvillage in central western Bulgaria
Q3650734California1927 film by W. S. Van Dyke
Q3708826Germantown in Chenango County, New York, United States
Q3733095Esperantocargo ship
Q3752500San Franciscoimportant neighbourhood of Bilbao, in the Basque Country, Spain
Q3833166LionVenetian family
Q3869752NPokémon character N
Q4137241Germanbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church
Q4417242Heart of Dixie1989 film by Martin Davidson
Q4783389Berlinsculpture on the Tauentzienstraße in western Berlin
Q4892379Berlinmusical written by Erik Orton
Q6544688LifeBiology textbook
Q6555378Lionearly 20th-century automobile
Q6555382LionBritish weekly comic
Q6555383Lion2006 Malayalam film
Q6555385Lionfamily name
Q6555388Lion16th century class of warships from Scotland
Q6826184Mexico1966 Canadian documentary television miniseries
Q6826185Mexico1930 short animated film
Q6826186Mexicodice game
Q6826188Mexiconovel by James A. Michener
Q6956290NLos Angeles Railway route
Q7120269PRCcontainer format for code databases in Palm OS, Garnet OS and Access Linux Platform
Q14935140Eurekalocality in Victoria, Australia
Q15724062Chocolate2011 Odia film
Q16246324Esperantostudent magazine
Q16248918Lionsspecial police unit in Macedonia
Q16254770IrishJunior Cycle examination subject
Q16865313CalifornianWikimedia disambiguation page
Q11229037Lifesingle by Hiromi Go
Q11230055LifeMs.Ooja song
Q11230057Lifesingle by Siam Shade
Q11282032IrelandWikimedia disambiguation page
Q5020176Californianeighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Q5020182CaliforniaCalifornia barangay in Ubay, Bohol
Q5020192Californiaformer rapid transit station in Chicago, United States
Q5020194CaliforniaDutch clipper ship launched in 1853
Q5050997Catsymbol of the Vietnamese zodiac
Q5050998Catfictional character in Red Dwarf
Q5099551ChinaThe Office episode
Q5205719DNAepisode of Red Dwarf

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